Panzer Elite Action

Panzer Elite Action

Panzer Elite Action is a war game developed by JoWooD Productions
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Panzer Elite Action is a war game developed by JoWooD Productions.
As this game revives facts of World War II you will have a card that explains your objective, the news that your intelligence received from the other side and data of the tank that you are going to use.
At the beginning of each campaign you can watch a video with the explanation of what happened at that time on your side. What is different about this game is that you must think like the commander of the army, its soldiers and understand what it means to fulfil a duty.
Panzer Elite Action offers scenery created from actual locations with amazing details. In addition, each tank is a perfect copy of the real model both in appearance and in behaviour.
You will have to lead your soldiers in the way of attack and through several strategies.

Graphics and sound
The scenarios are very well designed including lots of details. The designers have paid much attention in being very realistic. The sound effects are incredible as much as the soundtrack which is very good indeed.

In conclusion, if you like panzer tanks and war games this title is made for you.

MarĂ­a Noel Balla
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